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Stanford Integrated Science and Language

Image of Stanford Integrated Science website on a mobile device

Redmon worked with staff from the Stanford Integrated Science and Language (SISL) project to develop a complete SISL Teacher Guide website. This website development included a custom responsive design, login to enter site, interactive elements and videos links to documentation. Continue Reading >

Challenger Center Interactive Media

Since 2010, Redmon has been actively working with the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. In addition, this is a global network of more than 50 interactive learning environments/simulators. Consequently, Redmon upgrades and enhances their interactive mission simulation systems continually. Continue Reading >

DEA Museum Exhibit

In 2002, Redmon worked with the DEA Museum to develop an interactive traveling exhibit "Target America" detailing how the domestic and international drug trade funds terrorism. In 2015, this exhibit was expanded and enhanced as "Drugs: Costs & Consequences". This exhibition has traveled to 16 cities and has been viewed by more than 22 million visitors. Continue Reading >

National Churchill Library

Redmon produced an interactive media program on the life and legacy of Winston Churchill. This was for the National Churchill Library and Center at the George Washington University. Working closely with library staff, Redmon conceptualized and developed 3 separate interactive programs. These programs touch on various stages of Churchill's life, emphasizing his writings. Continue Reading >

North Carolina Regional History Center

At the North Carolina Regional History Center at Tryon Palace in New Bern NC, Redmon was responsible for fully populating a brand-new multi-faceted history museum and interactive experience environment. This entails incorporating over thirty unique interactive experiences (many of which are multiplayer and have significant hands-on components). Continue Reading >

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Redmon designed and developed these games for Iowa DNR to allow staff to update and change content so they could vary the game experience at the three stations. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) sought to renovate A/V exhibits of their mobile education exhibit. They use the mobile trailer to travel to schools and fairgrounds in Iowa to help promote natural resource stewardship. Continue Reading >

News & Resources

The Importance of E-learning

Traditional learning took a hit as we have never seen before. In 2020, schools closed due to the pandemic. Teachers had to get up to speed with virtual learning. Continue Reading >