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Interactive Media

At Redmon, our interactive media experience spans our company history. We’re experts at combining leading-edge interactive technologies and rich media, such as video, audio, 3D graphics, and animation, to create engaging and memorable interactive experiences Continue Reading >


Virginia Theological Seminary Welcome Center Display

Redmon designed and programmed a system for the touch display that would allow VTS staff to easily update content daily. Continue Reading >

Stanford Integrated Science and Language

Image of Stanford Integrated Science website on a mobile device

Redmon worked with staff from the Stanford Integrated Science and Language (SISL) project to develop a complete SISL Teacher Guide website. This website development included a custom responsive design, login to enter site, interactive elements and videos links to documentation. Continue Reading >

Thrive! Self-Care for Caregivers Program

An interactive multimedia web based training program for caregivers so they can reduce their stress and better cope with taking care of their loved one. This program allows users the ability to learn new methods to reduce stress, by viewing videos, engaging with interactives and taking a few assessments. For this project Redmon custom designed and developed the entire program, including interactives, video and audio recordings. Continue Reading >

San Francisco State University Digital Learning

Researchers at San Francisco State University and the University of California, San Francisco turned to Redmon to create an online version of a classroom-based workshop. This workshop was developed for promoting healthy relationships among gay male couples. Continue Reading >

DEA Museum Exhibit

In 2002, Redmon worked with the DEA Museum to develop an interactive traveling exhibit "Target America" detailing how the domestic and international drug trade funds terrorism. In 2015, this exhibit was expanded and enhanced as "Drugs: Costs & Consequences". This exhibition has traveled to 16 cities and has been viewed by more than 22 million visitors. Continue Reading >

Alexandria Renew Enterprises Interactive Media

Partnered with Design Minds, Redmon designed, programmed and installed touch-screen interactives and digital signage. This was for exhibit space at the Education Center of Alexandria Renew Enterprises (ARE), a water recovery and treatment facility. Also, visitors can explore typical household activities (brushing teeth, washing clothes, etc.) by answering questions. Continue Reading >

North Carolina Regional History Center

At the North Carolina Regional History Center at Tryon Palace in New Bern NC, Redmon was responsible for fully populating a brand-new multi-faceted history museum and interactive experience environment. This entails incorporating over thirty unique interactive experiences (many of which are multiplayer and have significant hands-on components). Continue Reading >

Phi Gamma Delta

Partnered with The Design Minds, Redmon created a website and an interactive touch table, both using the Mura CMS. This is an innovative application of the traditional use of the CMS in order to achieve the organizational goals. Consequently, this approach allowed for the interactive experience on the touch table replication online for those who could not visit the headquarters in person. Continue Reading >

Rise Up

Rise Up: Stonewall and the LGBTQ Rights Movement,” is an exhibit at the Newseum. This exhibit explores the modern gay rights movement in the United States and the ongoing fight for LGBTQ civil rights. In addition, partnered with The Design Minds, Redmon produced three touchscreen interactives integrated into the exhibit. These interactives showcase content that prompts visitors to answer multiple choice questions. Continue Reading >

News & Resources

Summer breaks are great times to get kids out and about; museums are a great way to keep them learning during their break. One of the most fun activities in museums are the interactive learning tools they provide. Continue Reading >

Audiovisual Integration and Its Power

Audiovisual technology has been key in different industries; and audiovisual integration takes it a step further. Continue Reading >

Social Media Trends in Digital Learning

Digital learning has been influenced a lot by current social media trends. Currently, social media is moving heavily more into video; and digital learning is following suit, or at least should be. Continue Reading >

Accessible Interactive Media

In terms of accessible interactive media, some might feel that captions and audio may cover their bases. But there's more to it than providing alternative text and audio. Continue Reading >